If you’re like many of my clients, you have zero-to-no time to read long articles about the quickest way to get in shape. So, here’s your first Creighton Personal Training (CPT) advantage - I’ll give you this tip straight-up and for free:

Quite simply, Intense Cardio Exercising, or I.C.E., is the best way to burn fat, shape up and get fit. My I.C.E workouts are developed by me using the latest exercise science built into a simple 30-minute class.

Thirty minutes you say!? Everyone tells me I need to exercise for an hour to get results! How can anything meaningful be achieved in thirty minutes??

The benefit of I.C.E is the focus on exercise to burn the most calories (what goes in) in the shortest time. I.C.E aims at improving cellular function to support sustained intense exercise in short bursts. At CPT we’ve done the research to identify which exercise activities achieve maximum output for calorie burning within half an hour.

The aim is to increase your heartrate quickly with intense bursts of activity, so that your body can then move to fat burning mode for the duration of the exercise session, rather than over long periods. For time-poor people, this is an efficient system for fitness that gets results.  

CPT I.C.E classes are built to offer diversity – from body weight resistance exercise, kettlebell weight lifting, to boxing and strength circuits – these are just some of the exercise methods we use to make every class different.

Seeing results in your physique and fitness is the best way to stay on track with an exercise programme, and I.C.E certainly offers you this. CPT instructors will throw in a bunch of “bonus fun” free with every workout so that you stay motivated and excited about your fitness.

I want to show you how I.C.E works and how you can get the best results.
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