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UNLIMITED I.C.E - Group Training




Are you tired of spending hours of time at the gym and not seeing any results?  I.C.E is a science based approach to exercise that burns fat and increases fitness.  The research behind I.C.E can get you burning up to 3 times more fat during exercise!

Shape up, get fit and burn fat using the latest exercise science put into a simple 30 min class. We use a variety of different styles in our classes, that way no two classes are ever the same!  
Body-weight exercises to kettlebells, fitness boxing to strength circuits.  You'll love the simple formats that deliver significant results!

  • No sessions are longer than 30 mins!

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

  • 6 month and 1 month options

  • Fully qualified and experienced instructors provide result producing workouts

  • Be part of the fantastic supportive community

  • A focus on improving movement and technique (learn the why and how of movement)

  • Gain access to our VIP member's forum, where you receive your FREE Nutrition kick-start for optimal results and at home exercise program.

  • Exclusive access to the "Member Zone" and 30-day challenges

  • Unlimited sessions

I.C.E Membership

Usual price - $29.95 p/w for 1 month membership.

Special Price - FIRST WEEK FREE!
then continuing at the special rate of $19.95 per week for 6 months.
Act now and RECEIVE:

  • Special nutrition Kick-start. - $Valued at $99

  • Creighton PT Top. - Valued at $30

  • AT HOME TRAINING PROGRAM - Valued at $50

  • Your FIRST Week for FREE! - Valued at $29.95 *New members only

  • ALL THIS FREE! THat’s over $200 free value!

Reference number is your surname and date:e.g Barry29