Claims of delivering revolutionary fitness and workout programs can be traced back to the Roman Empire, with heroic gladiators being encouraged to engage is systematic strength training to outlast the next enemy, be that man or beast. Over the millennia, some have worked, some have not.

Hamish Creighton, of Creighton Personal Training (CPT) believes that strength and resistance training need not be undertaken for such dramatic purposes and requires no real revolution as such, just straightforward, tested workout methods that target results.

“The evidence is in that resistance training is crucial to changing your metabolism. It is one of the few proven ways to achieve weight loss and improve muscle condition,” says Hamish.

“My newest program scratches back the unnecessary workout pressures that many people find intimidating and, demotivating.

“Very few people are actually looking to carve their muscle and body shape to the bone. Yet most people, at least the ones I’m speaking to, want to feel lighter on their feet and have better energy levels to meet the busy lifestyle standards of today.”

Hamish knows his clients, and those wanting to make a start at improving their long-term health and fitness are time poor and congratulates people who make even the most basic commitment to training.

“It is unreasonable for me to expect clients to turn up to my gym five, or even three, days a week – that expectation is setting most people up to feel a sense of failure – which goes against any decent trainer’s ethos to meet a client on common, achievable ground”, he says.

CPT latest targeted program, Functional Fire, is customised to achieve results for clients in as few as one or two sessions per week.

Hamish has set up the program to run in a series of monthly introductory workshops to establish the foundation elements of each series, followed by access to the body transformation studio for sessions each week. Clients can apply their monthly fitness lessons, focusing on building strength and resistance in muscle and core stability, at each weekly session. This approach has been found to hand the control back to the client to achieve realistic and sustainable results that they fundamentally understand.  

“Seeing results in your physique and fitness is the best way to stay on track with an exercise program,” says Hamish.

“Better yet, by participating in foundational training techniques, participants can apply and build on this every week in a comfortable, non-threatening gym environment. This approach gives clients the best chance to develop a robust framework for metabolic conditioning, sustainable weight loss and vitality,” he said.

“I want people to understand their bodies, how their metabolism is performing and what switches can be made to meet goals and make improvements. I can’t promise there won’t be some sacrifices or adaptations to your status quo. What Functional Fire achieves is long term results, and a better understanding of your body and its potential.”

Hamish is running a ridiculous introductory offer on his new Functional Fire program for those needing fiscal stimulation to motivate them that little bit further. Email him at info@creightonpt.com to discuss the Functional Fire program in more detail and get started.



Only $39.95 p/w