Q & A with Bailie.


Tell me about why you started with Creighton Personal Training?
I gained A LOT of weight due to making poor nutritional choices, living on crap foods and not doing physical activity at all. I also suffer from chronic migraines and the medication I was taking contributed to my weight gain. This lifestyle and it's harmful effects happened over about 3 years. 
My snapping point was seeing a Full Body shot of me in a work photo. I was shocked at the person i saw in the picture and at how big I had gotten.  My weight was affecting my self-esteem. It began changing my relationships, and I wasn't comfortable in myself anymore.

When did you start at CPT?
I started training at CPT about 2 & 1/2 years ago after hearing about it from a friend. I needed to do something otherwise I was heading for heart disease, so decided to give it a go. I needed to get back to being me and not the 100kg plus version of me.

You mentioned weight loss was a motivation.  How much have you lost?
I've lost a total of 35 kg since starting, and main weight loss was after starting the nutritional program.  It gave me the tools I need to make better choices for my family.

What else has changed for you?
I feel fantastic. Only a month out from turning 30 and its the best I have felt (emotionally & physically) since I was a teenager. I'm able to do so much more with my time and I'm able to get out and enjoy life with my family. We love going camping, and now I can go on bush walks and go exploring the area.
I now get out and play soccer with my daughter, have running races, and the things I didn't do with her before as I didn't have the energy or feel like doing it.  I have very few migraines now due to my healthy lifestyle.

Its affected every aspect of my life. I'm much happier than I was before. Mainly my relationship with my family (husband and daughter) is 100% better than before because I'm happier within myself.

What are your tips for anyone that is wanting to make a change?
My main tip is "JUST START".
You never know what will work for you unless you try it! Be accountable for your actions like when you stuff up and don't stick to your nutrition, You did it no one else.  Just get back on track and learn and grow.



*Bailie regularly participates in the I.C.E program at Creighton Personal Training, usually 2 to 3 times a week.
That's less than 1 hour of exercise on average. 
*Bailie also has participated in the F.I.R.E program twice (10 week blocks) and now does her F.I.R.E at home in Guyra with her Husband once per week.
Thank you Bailie for following the process and continuing to inspire others to make the change.


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